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Gay-Owned and Gay-Friendly Businesses

Gay Business Listings

As a Realtor I meet a lot of people who wish to do business with my clients. As the owner of Gay Tucson, I meet a lot of people who wish to be listed here on the site because they want to do business with the GLBT community.

Hoping to provide you with high quality referrals, all of the businesses listed above are people I know and work with, most of them in my real estate practice. They did not pay to be on this site. I have added them to this page, because they deserve to be referred. They must must be 100% gay friendly and they must provide a great product and/or service. I will not refer anyone just because they are gay or lesbian, they must provide great customer service.

That all being said, you can find my reviews of each business on their individual pages.

I also have the gay bars listed here for your convenience. Obviously I don't work with them, however, most of the owners I have met are very nice.

Have fun and behave.
Tony Ray

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Tucson Business and Employment

As of today (Jan 2008), the Tucson metropolitan area supports over 750,000 residents and covers over 600 square miles. Metropolitan Tucson continues to grow by nearly 2,000 new residents each month. Estimates through 2010 expect this to continue.

The employment growth grate is up and unemployment is still below the national average.

Tucson used to be known more for it’s tourism and as a great retirement area. Today it has become very popular for businesses relocating due to several factors. Entrepreneur magazine selected Tucson as one of the top 20 business locations. According to Entrepreneur, it based its evaluation on four factors:

Percentage of the population with a college degree

Real estate costs

Labor costs

Growth in personal income

Tucson targets several different industries more than others: Aerospace, Bio-industry, Environmental Technology, Optics, Teleservices and Software.

On the gay side of business:
The Gay Chamber of Commerce, known as The Tucson Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Chamber of Commerce (TGLBTCC), has over 150 companies as members. It is the second largest chamber of it’s kind in Arizona.

As grows, our goal is to highlight as many gay owned businesses as we can. Check the business/services/retail page as well as the bars/clubs page. You can access both from the menu bar on the left side from every page on Gay Tucson.

Tony Ray Cool