Even Stevens Sandwich Shop

Even Stevens: A Sandwich Shop with a Cause

Even Stevens, a Utah based sandwich shop with a unique business structure. This company partners with different non-profit organizations to help save money.

Even Stevens was first created in Salt Lake City in June of 2014. The owner, Steve Down, created the shop to sell sandwiches and give back to non-profit organizations.

The shop would sell sandwiches and at the end of the month give non-profits the same amount of sandwiches. The organization could then focus their money on other programs like resume building classes, and offering shelter to those in need.

After their first 6 months of business the company had donated 30,000 sandwiches to surrounding non-profits. Now the company has grown and found they’re way to Downtown Tucson.

This restaurant has a vast menu with many different sandwiches, from Rubens to pulled pork. They also have salads, sides and even breakfast items. There are options for everyone; vegetarians and they offer gluten free breads.

Even Stevens has also joined the TPD’s Safe Place Program; along with Tierra Antigua Realty Downtown, they have helped keep Tucson a safe retreat for LGBTQI people.

So head downtown to enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner at Even Stevens, the newest gay-friendly company in the Tucson community.