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Our runs

Our main walk/run 

Our main weekly event is a Saturday run at 8:30AM starting 10/29/15 (note - Time will change again in late Spring).

We meet in the Hi Corbett Field parking lot, on the west side of the Reid Park golf course (the nearest streets are S Randolph Way and E Camino Campestre).  Map link    

Walkers typically walk around the western side of the park, whereas runners do the walk/bike path to the east.  Distance around the park is approximately 2.5 miles for walkers and 2.85 miles for runners, which you can run/walk at your own pace.  Several drinking fountains are available along the running route.

After our walk/run (approximately 1 hour later), we head off for brunch. 








Midweek walk/runs - less attended

Monday - Maynards - 5:30pm

Some members opt to join the large group for the weekly "Meet me at Maynards" downtown fun walk/run.  Arrive early to park downtown, walk to Maynards Market (Toole Ave and 5th Ave), and checkin for the walk/run. 

Map link

Wednesday - La Encantada - 5:30pm

Members will park and meet in the parking lot for La Encantada (2905 E Skyline Dr - NW corner of intersection of Campbell Ave and Skyline Dr).  We will then head out for a leisurely foothills walk.  Group may go out for dinner afterward.

Map link

After PHX Pride walk/run - Apr 2008
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