5 Fun Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home (FU Coronavirus)

5 Fun Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home (FU Coronavirus)
5 Fun Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home (FU Coronavirus)

We are all now very accustomed to the term social distancing as it has impacted almost all parts of daily life here and around the world. But this solution creates problems of it’s own: What to do with all this alone time. That’s why the editorial team here at GayTucson.com sat down (Zoom meeting, of course) and compiled a can’t-miss list of 5 Fun Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home (FU Coronavirus).

TL;DR What are the 5 Fun Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home (of course, FU Coronavirus)

  1. Binge Watch Schitt’s Creek
  2. Gardening
  3. Thirty Things Exercise – No Jumping Jacks Necessary!
  4. “I Am Thankful For…”
  5. Create a New Revenue Stream
Schitt's Creek
Schitt’s Creek on Netflix – Gay Media Review

Binge Watch Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek pretty much stole 2 months of my life last year. I loved this wonderful show so much that I wrote a whole article detailing Schitt’s Creek’s virtues. Suffice it to say, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even learn a thing or two, but you will definitely fall in love with Schitt’s Creek on Netflix!


You’re stuck at home, but you don’t have to stay inside. The Spring-time is one of Tucson’s best seasons, featuring immaculate weather and gloriously blooming flowers and trees. What’s the best way to take advantage of all this beauty? Cultivate it!

Check out a YouTube Tutorial on Gardening, read a Gardening Blog or pick up a book at your local bookstore. It’s healthy, it’s relaxing, and you’ll create something you love; we should probably stop the list right here. 😎

Donate 30 Items of Clothing
I know you’re attached, but there are atleast 30 items of clothing that would be great donations!

Thirty Things Exercise

Put the fitness balls and yoga mats back in the shower, it’s not that kind of exercise. Although, a bout of physical activity can really help break up the monotony and really improves the fitness of your body and mind (maybe that will go on the Next 5 Fun Things You Can Do). But I’m not talking that kind of exercise, I’m talking about an activity that will change your life.

The whole idea is to find 30 things in your house that you want to donate, give away, or remove from your house with some other method. The real trick comes when you narrow your search: Find 30 things in your closet that you don’t want in your house any longer. You’ll never believe the zen feeling you get from removing 30 different items from under your sink. How did I even get 30 items in there in the first place!

“I Am Thankful For…”

A classic exercise gets a millennial face lift. Rather than think of all the wonderful things in your life that you are grateful for, I want you to think about all the amazing things in life that you have created. Especially now, when we seem powerless in the face of a global pandemic, it can be therapeutic to think about the power that you do have.

Are you grateful for the people you attract? Whom? Are you thankful for the room you have put over your head, or the food in your fridge, or the career you love? We have the ability to create, what are you thankful for having created?

Create a New Revenue Stream

This is probably the one that is most near and dear to my heart. A lack of money can create undue stress and hardship in our lives, but how can we guarantee a consistent inflow of funds? Just like investing, the key is diversification.

If you have one source of revenue then you life can be significantly affected by any changes to that revenue. If you have multiple sources, or streams of revenue, than you can more readily weather any adjustments to your income. But how do we create these streams?

Education is the key! (isn’t it always the key) Search google and take a class in a field of interest. Listen to a fascinating podcast by influencers in your specific niche. There are so many ways to create additional revenue streams using online tools that I don’t want to constrain you. Get out there and build your future!

Choose An Option and Get Started!

Now you have 5 Fun Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home (FU Coronavirus). Choose your favorite idea and get started today! If you have a breakthrough, send me a message through GayTucson Facebook, I love hearing about your successes!

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