More Fun Gay Events in Tucson and Southern Arizona

SAAF Moda Provacateur


Moda Provacateur: A Runway Show Done the Fun Way

Raising funds for programs and services of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

The first Moda Provacateur, held in 2004, was created by Kevin Casey from Avalon for Hair, Skin and Nails after he participated in ‘Crème de la Do’ in 2003, a fashion and style show organized by an agency in Albuquerque helping to raise funds for local HIV/AIDS agencies around the country. Since 2004, Moda Provacateur has raised more than $141,000 in support of SAAF’s programs and services. The incredible, continued support for Moda Provacateur from the local salons, boutiques and businesses through their participation and underwriting of the cost of the event, helps to build tradition and ultimately, the success of this exciting fundraiser.

Bisbee Gay Pride

Bisbee gay pride
Be Sure to Celebrate Bisbee Gay Pride Later This Month, June

Every year on Father’s Day weekend, the Arizona LGBT community and Straight Allies gather in the adorable little town of Bisbee to celebrate their pride. Come along with me on one such adventure, and be sure to catch the next incarnation of Bisbee Gay Pride!

When and Where is Bisbee Gay Pride?

Get to Bisbee by driving South on I-10 and taking a right on Highway 80 in Benson. From Tucson, it’s a little over 1.5 hours, 47 if you’re coming from Benson. Gay Pride Weekend corresponds with Father’s Day Weekend, occurring on the third weekend in June. It may seem like a long way to go, but a bunch of your friends from Tucson will be there and it really is one of the better parties of the year!

What Can I Expect at Bisbee Gay Pride?

There are so many things to do and ways to celebrate in Bisbee and the surrounding area, but what follows is my tried-and-true method for having a great time at Bisbee Gay Pride.  We call this The Move.

The Move starts at a quaint little bed and breakfast on Friday night. Try the Copper Queen Hotel or the Bisbee Grand, you’ll love either place.  I highly recommend locating yourself around the Main St. part of town. That is where all the action is and you don’t want to have to drive back to your hotel room after a full night of partying.  The drunken stumble back to your bed is a quintessential part of The Move.

What’s Next For The Move?

The Move is to then walk the crowded, action-packed streets, observing the myriad booths and vendors set up for the weekend.  The streets fill up on both Friday and Saturday with live music, so be sure to get your groove on!  The town blocks off the roads from car access around the Copper Queen, so begin there and meet up with all of your friends.

The next Move is to head across the street to the Underground Dance Party.  I would tell you where to go, but it’s better for you to just head down and discover for yourself.  Dance to some high-energy dance music and have a few cocktails, powering you up for what’s next!

The Move then takes you on a club crawl, guided by a drag queen carrying a high heel on a stick.  You’ll be heading from bar to bar, effectively getting a crash course in Downtown Bisbee.  As you reach the end of the pubs, the MC will organize the flock into a Drag Race.

No, not the type you’re thinking of, this race consists of your drunken friends, wearing dresses and high heels, and running up a small hill.  Cue the ankle tape and the ice packs!  It’s a hilarious time for all involved and will truly punctuate your time at Bisbee Gay Pride.

See You Next Year!

Still not convinced? Bisbee Gay Pride is an awesome time with your best friends in a wonderful little town. There are some fun activities that I have never seen anywhere else, making Bisbee Gay Pride a one-of-a-kind event.  It’s just a short drive South to have an amazing weekend and you’ll even see Darren and I on the club crawl.  See you next year!

Have a great day,
TonyRay 🙂

Tucson Gay Pride 2014

What: Pride On Parade When: Saturday, October 11 2014 6:00 PM. Where: Starts at Catalina Park on 2nd St. and Goes Down 4th Ave. to 8th St. Admission: All we ask is that you participate! Official Website: Tucson Pride Parade Over the past 14 years the Tucson Pride Parade has grown to become a central part of the Tucson Gay Pride celebration.  2014 promises to take the event to the next level!  Pride on Parade will begin at Catalina Park on 2nd St. at 6:00 PM on Saturday, October 11th.  We will proceed to 4th ave. and take a right, leading to our destination on 4th and 8th St. The most important thing is to get involved.  The focus of Pride on Parade is to allow everyone to be themselves, some come have a blast with us at the block party at the end of the parade! Thats right, this year the Tucson Pride Parade has joined with Sky Bar to provide a Block Party from 7pm to 9pm.  It’ll be the best place to grab a drink after the long parade march ; )

What: Tucson Pride In The Desert When: Saturday, October 18th 2014 Where: Kino Sports Complex. Admission: $10.00 at the door. VIP Tickets available online at Tucson Pride presents it’s 37th Annual LGBTQ Pride Festival . $50. VIP. Advance tickets can be bought on-line at Advance purchase tickets can be picked up at the will-call table at the entrance on the day of the event. Details to come shortly, book the date and plan on a great time!

Gay Pride Celebrations


Tucson is lucky enough to have two Gay Pride celebrations annually visit our fabulous community. The first Gay Pride occurs in June, which coincides with the Stonewall Rebellion and subsequent public demonstrations. The second Pride comes a bit later in the year. That time is finally upon us! Join us as we celebrate with two iconic events: Tucson Pride Parade and Pride in the Desert.

Pride Parade 2019

Gay Pride Celebrations
Tucson Pride Parade 2019

The Tucson Pride Parade has a long, rich history in our community. This year will watch the procession proceed from Broadway / Craycroft and head towards Reid Park, where we will meet up with the festival.

I am so happy Tucson Pride decided to hold the Pride Parade immediately before the festival. The parade used to be organized on the night before, while allowed for some fantastic after-parties, it meant the two events were disunited from each other with little overlap. By having one naturally lead into the other, the Pride Parade and the festival will have increased synergy and provide an even better representation of our amazing community!

For even more information about our gay pride celebrations; Tucson Pride Parade 2019, check out the GayTucson Calendar!

Gay Pride celebrations: Pride in the Desert 2019

Gay Pride Celebrations
Tucson Pride in the Desert 2019

Pride in the Desert (or Park) has always been the flagship event of Tucson Pride weekend. Featuring hilarious hosts, marvelous musical performances and fantastic shows, Pride in the Desert truly has something for everyone. There are adorable shops with Pride souvenirs and phenomenal fashion vendors to get you looking your best. It is a wonderfully welcoming, safe space for everyone to be themselves and have a blast!

Find out everything else you could ever need to know about Tucson Pride in the Desert 2019 at the GayTucson Calendar!




Turnabout for TIHAN is always a blast! Tucson’s LGBTQ, gay-friendly businesses, and non-profits all come together and put on a show for the community to help those in need living with HIV and Aids. Tempest Dujour and Janee Starr usually host the event and will have you laughing til your socks come off.

If you would like to contribute, you can be a sponsor for the Turnabout event. We try and sponsor a table ever year!

Remember, even if you miss this event, TIHAN always accepts donations throughout the year. These donations help to continue providing services in support of those living with HIV and AIDS. Also, not all donations to TIHAN need to be in the form of money. Donations of time, expertise, or materials will work just as fine.

Have a great day!
Tony Ray

G3 – Tucson’s Gay Happy Hour

G3 Tucson Gay and Lesbian Happy Hour
G3 Tucson Gay and Lesbian Happy Hour

G3 Tucson

G3 is Tucson’s premier social event planning group for Tucson’s gay community and their friends. They host a gay happy hour that takes place minimum every month usually lasting from 5:30 to 8:30PM at a different pop-up locations around town. G3 often features great DJ’s and drink specials to keep the night going! Looking to wrap up the work week with a few friends and some fun? G3 is a great way to hang out with friends and meet new people in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. G3 seeks out unique Tucson locations to host their monthly get-together. From exciting downtown nightclubs to newly-minted restaurants, G3 offers a new experience with each event! The organizing staff also spares no expense with the decor and ambiance to truly pull you into the event. With awesome drink specials and food options and a popular DJ spinning the tunes, every G3 is a better party than the last! G3 Gay Happy hour is an inclusive event for the entire Tucson population, but it caters to the gay guy community providing diverse entertainment options. You are welcome regardless of gender, identity or sexual orientation! Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Trans but the only thing is this group is strictly 21 and over because the events always include alcohol. As the location changes with each month, be sure to check our blog for updates on the next great G3 Happy Hour event and other events like pool parties. We always post G3’s events on our blog and have been for a long time. has noticed that the events seem to keep getting better and better and more and more extravagant as time goes on. The community is growing! You must go see for yourself. If you type in G3 into our search bar you can look at the posts about their past events or Find out more about G3 Tucson here.