Tucson Breakthrough: Amazing 100 Equality Score From HRC

It seems like everywhere I look, I notice Tucson receiving awards and recommendations from national publications and special interest groups.  Last month, we noted ThrillList.com’s thrilling portrayal of Tucson as the Best Blue City in a Red State. This week, I saw that Human Rights Council gave Tucson it’s highest equality score! In Tucson, we are proud to be the beautiful little blueberry floating in the tomato soup that is Arizona.

For those in the know, HRC is the go-to for information about local laws and regulations and how those statutes affect the citizens. For it’s Municipal Equality Index, HRC monitors 5 data points:

  1. Non-Discrimination Laws
  2. Municipality As Employer
  3. Municipal Services
  4. Law Enforcement
  5. Relationship With the LGBTQ Community

It’s no surprise to Tucsonans, but we score close to perfect on almost all the different categories.  From our robust Non-Discrimination employment ordinances to our LGBTQ Police Liaison (and now SAFE Spaces), we are dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of us!

Download and read the full report below and join us this weekend for Gay Pride 2017, where we can further our inclusiveness together!

UPDATE – We’ve scored even higher in 2018! Click the link below to see the updated HRC Equality Score.

Tucson Municipal Equality Index From Human Rights Council

Have a great day,

Tony Ray 🙂