Get ready to bust out those cross-trainers, ’cause this will be the BIGGEST AIDSWALK yet… in Tucson at least. This year AIDSWALK has teamed up with Tucson Meet Yourself (TMY) and has moved downtown for a three day event.
AIDSWALK is such a fun and beautiful event that has become one of my favorites. If you’ve never experienced AIDSWALK, then I highly recommend you come join us.
What is AIDSWALK?  AIDSWALK is a family and pet-friendly walkathon fundraiser with the goal of increasing awareness and support for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. The money raised at AIDSWALK Tucson benefits the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF). Each year SAAF provides services to nearly 1200 people living with HIV and AIDS and delivers targeted prevention outreach and education programs to over 17,000 people who are high-risk for infection.
This year is a special year for AIDSWALK. Because of its collaboration with Tucson Meet Yourself, AIDSWALK will have exposure to over 100,000 people! This is a great opportunity to help raise awareness and fight the dangerous stigma that still surrounds HIV/AIDS today.
For more information on AIDSWALK and how you can participate, please fisit