Katie Sowers Makes History as First LGBTQ Coach in Super Bowl

Katie Sowers is First LGBTQ Football Coach in Super Bowl History
Katie Sowers is First LGBTQ Football Coach in Super Bowl History

Over the years, the NFL Super Bowl has made plenty of history. From the very first Super Bowl in 1967 to the wonderful moment in 1988 when Doug Williams was the first black quarterback to win it all. Be ready to write another footnote in history this Sunday when Katie Sowers becomes the first LGBTQ Coach in Super Bowl History!

Who Is Katie Sowers?

There will be many retrospectives into this fascinating ladies life, so I will leave her past to the historians. While her formative experience have indeed shaped the woman she has become, I would rather focus on what she means to our movement and the eternal struggle for equality.

Katie Sowers, one of three women with a full-time position in an NFL locker room, will become the first woman in the Super Bowl. Ever. This is just a few years removed from a MVP quarterback questioning the legitimacy of women even asking questions about football. That’s the unrelenting march of progress.

Katie Sowers is the first NFL coach to openly identify as a member of the LGBTQ community. Ever. I still remember the over-hyped controversy that consumed Michael Sam and his attempt to break into the NFL. Now we have a high-profile coach on a high-profile team in the highest-profile game on the planet!

This was just a quick look into the life of a fascinating and ground-breaking woman. Click the above link to learn more about her and tune in this weekend for a fantastic Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. If you didn’t even know that the Super Bowl was coming up, then you need one of my wonderful football calendar magnets for your fridge. Just send me an email asking for one and I’ll have it in the mail that same day (maybe not that same day, but quickly).

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