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I knew we Tucsonans are pretty proud of our fun little city, but there is a whole gay world out there full of amazing people and we should know a little about their lives.  With that in mind, I present to you the Gay News section; a few of my favorite news sources talking about Gay News and Events around the world.  Check back regularly for constantly updated news and information that truly matters.

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LGBTQ Nation

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Owen Hurcum celebrating their election as mayor of Bangor.Screenshot/Twitter22 year-old Owen Hurcum has long stood up for trans equality. Now they're the youngest mayor in Wales.
Caitlyn JennerShutterstockCaitlyn Jenner has managed to disappoint the right, the left, and LGBTQ people in her short campaign. Almost no one supports her.
Lil Nas X at the 2019 CMA AwardsShutterstock“Part of my plan is to make sure people know I’m going to do whatever the f**k I want when I want to, and if you’re mad at it, I’m going to laugh in your face.”
Brent gets a COVID test.Michael JensenIt’s really hard to cut loose and be free and happy when you want to scratch your skin off.
Queen Elizabeth IIShutterstockThe dangerous psychological technique has no scientific basis, but the religious right keeps touting it as a cure for homosexuality.
Martha MacCallum (left) and Randi Weingarten (right)Screenshot/FOX NewsFox is getting sued for defamation over its election coverage. The look on Martha MacCallum's face showed that Randi Weingarten struck a nerve.
Caitlyn Jenner talking to CNN's Dana BashScreenshot/CNN"I just wound up going to play golf and I said, 'Eh, I'm not doing that,'" said Caitlyn Jenner, who is running for governor of California.
White House Press Secretary Jen PsakiScreenshot/CSPANShe made it look easy because she knew what he was talking about... better than he did.
Gov. Asa Hutchinson speaks to Team Little Rock members during a quarterly community council meeting at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, Aug. 13, 2019.U.S. Air Force/Wikimedia CommonsIn less than five months, politicians have made attacking the rights of trans people the newest American wedge issue.
Randy Rainbow and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO)ScreenshotYap, yap, yap went Ted Cruz. "Crap, crap, crap" went McCarthy 'cause his party continued to lose.
The Guardian LGBT News Feed
The Guardian LGBT News Feed

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Hearing of the death of my friend Iona McGregor, aged 92, who was an author and teacher, several gay Scottish friends, not given to cliche, commented: “It’s the end of an era.”

What they meant, I believe, is that the Scotland of Iona’s youth and middle years was a different universe from the world we live in today – and that living through that time marked someone out. It was a harsh, unforgiving environment. Sex between men remained illegal until the early 80s; and, although that law did not apply to women, the stain of criminality seeped into the whole of gay life.

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Government plan for public to be consulted on measures to tackle practice criticised by gay rights advocates

Campaigners for LGBT+ rights have criticised the prospect of a further delay before ministers fulfil a pledge to ban conversion practices, sometimes known as “gay cure” therapy.

Consultations will be held before measures to ban the “coercive and abhorrent practice” are brought forward, the government said on Tuesday. It first pledged to introduce a ban three years ago.

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Levelling up agenda accompanied by bills bringing in voter ID and banning conversion practices

Ministers are to unveil a legislative programme aimed at the Conservative government’s new electoral strongholds in northern England and the Midlands, with a Queen’s speech focused on adult education and home ownership.

It also features proposals to bring in mandatory voter ID, which has been condemned by US civil rights groups as akin to Republican-style voter suppression. Another plan will pave the way to outlaw conversion practices.

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  • Decision marks return to Obama police after Trump-era reversal
  • Xavier Becerra’s moves means HHS will investigate complaints

The US will protect gay and transgender people against sex discrimination in healthcare, the Biden administration announced on Monday, reversing a Trump-era policy that sought to narrow the scope of legal rights in sensitive situations involving medical care.

The action by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) affirms that federal laws forbidding sex discrimination in healthcare also protect gay and transgender people.

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More than a year into the pandemic, some people prefer to keep wearing their face mask – even outdoors in public

She’s been fully vaccinated for three weeks, but Francesca, a 46-year-old professor, does not plan to abandon the face mask that she’s come to view as a kind of “invisibility cloak” just yet.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker or maybe it’s because I always feel like I have to present my best self to the world, but it has been such a relief to feel anonymous,” she said. “It’s like having a force field around me that says ‘don’t see me’.”

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This year more than 80 laws targeting trans people have been proposed by conservative lawmakers nationwide

Montana’s governor has signed a bill that bans transgender athletes from competing on school and university sports teams that correspond with their gender.

Greg Gianforte’s signing on Friday makes Montana the latest Republican-controlled state to approve such legislation.

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A new community training program centres around the skipper’s street credibility with teammates

Despite many years of effort and resources, the traditionally masculine domain of sport continues to be plagued by homophobic and sexist language. While experts agree that the messaging is right, the fact that it does not seem to be getting through has led researchers to dig deeper. What they have found is that the solution may be less about tweaking the message and more about changing the messenger.

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I hadn’t thought about my role in stopping language like this

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The conservative African country insists it is ‘not yet ready’ for gay rights as campaigners say the flawed legislation sanctions rape

The Ugandan parliament has passed a controversial sexual offences bill which further criminalises same-sex relationships and sex work.

The laws were passed by MPs this week, reiterating sections of legislation first enforced in the country by British colonial rule. They condemn same-sex couples who perform acts deemed against the “order of nature” to 10 years’ imprisonment.

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  • Juno and Inception star gives interview to Oprah Winfrey
  • ‘I feel like I haven’t gotten to be myself since I was 10 years old’

Actor Elliot Page has revealed how much happier he feels after having top surgery, and described transitioning as “life-saving”.

“I want people to know that not only has it been life-changing for me, I do believe it is life-saving and it’s the case for so many people,” the actor told Oprah Winfrey on her new show for Apple TV+.

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Rai faces calls to apologise to Fedez over alleged attempt to silence his condemnation of homophobia

The Italian state broadcaster, Rai, is under pressure to clarify accusations that it attempted to censor a rapper’s condemnation of homophobia.

Fedez blasted politicians with the far-right League party, who are blocking a parliamentary vote on an anti-homophobia law, during a concert televised on Rai 3 to mark Labour Day on Saturday.

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Human Rights Watch Gay News

Human Rights Watch News

Click to expand Image A boy sits on a swing in the courtyard of an orphanage for children with disabilities, Yerevan, Armenia. © 2016 Alexei Golubev for Human Rights Watch

On May 5, Armenia’s parliament adopted the law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This is a long-awaited reform with the potential to change the lives of the roughly 200,000 people with disabilities in Armenia by protecting them from discrimination and creating opportunities for a more inclusive society. It is also a step towards implementing the state’s commitments under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which Armenia ratified in 2010. 

The recent war with neighboring Azerbaijan left thousands of people with physical and psychosocial disabilities, prompting authorities to recognize the issue’s urgency. The government has initiated programs providing mental health support to war victims and the wider public and created centers of independent living for people who acquired disabilities because of the conflict.

But a more comprehensive, rights-based approach was needed to dismantle barriers and discriminatory policies. Eschewing a narrow, medical definition of disability, the new law defines disability as the result of interaction between environmental and societal barriers and a person's health condition which hinders their full realization of rights.

The law includes guarantees of accessibility, independent living, access to justice, and reasonable accommodation, all of which allow a person to fully enjoy their rights on an equal basis with others. It bans disability-based discrimination and treats refusal to provide reasonable accommodation as discrimination. The law also allows nongovernmental organizations to file anti-discrimination lawsuits on behalf of persons with disabilities who, due to their health or other circumstances, cannot represent themselves in person before a court.

The law’s adoption became possible due to decades of persistent advocacy by Armenia’s national disability rights organizations and activists. They have reason to celebrate this moment.

The challenge now will be implementing the law. Lawmakers did not include a provision to create a dedicated accessibility oversight body, so it is up to Armenian authorities to ensure the law’s standards become reality. They should incorporate those standards in existing policies and laws and enact further reforms that guarantee the legal capacity of persons with disabilities. In doing so, they should consult with and actively involve people with disabilities. In this way, they can ensure no one with a disability remains marginalized, isolated, and invisible.