SAAF Moda Provacateur

Moda Provacateur: A Runway Show Done the Fun Way

Raising funds for programs and services of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

The first Moda Provacateur, held in 2004, was created by Kevin Casey from Avalon for Hair, Skin and Nails after he participated in ‘Crème de la Do’ in 2003, a fashion and style show organized by an agency in Albuquerque helping to raise funds for local HIV/AIDS agencies around the country. Since 2004, Moda Provacateur has raised more than $141,000 in support of SAAF’s programs and services.

The incredible, continued support for Moda Provacateur from the local salons, boutiques and businesses through their participation and underwriting of the cost of the event, helps to build tradition and ultimately, the success of this exciting fundraiser.