GayTucson Guide: How To Beat COVID Hair

Presidio Hair, Nail, Skin Care and Tanning Salon
Presidio Hair, Nail, Skin Care and Tanning Salon

We’ve all been there; just finished setting up the background for your Zoom call when you sit down to realize you haven’t even combed your hair. Or, worse yet, there is no saving the mop of COVID Hair (or lack thereof) that you find perched lifelessly atop your noggin. We can help! Just follow GayTucson’s Guide to Beating COVID Hair and be the Superstar you truly are!

Option 1: Trust The Professionals

Presidio Hair Studio Entryway
Presidio Hair Studio Entryway

This is usually the option I go with. A true craftsman’s skills can’t really be replicated by friends (even talented ones like Beth) or a partner (thanks for the offer, Darren 😉 Especially if you have been working with that craftsmen for years and they know exactly what you need and how you like it.

Do what I do and trust the pro’s at Presidio Hair with your COVID hair disaster. My guy, Ed Thibeault, is a master at crafting the perfect look for any face! Plus, they offer an expansive slate of services including professional color application. You’ll look years younger after your first visit!

Option 2: Trust Science to Prevent Hair Loss

On the other end of the spectrum is the dreaded male pattern hair loss. It’s the only thing worse than COVID Hair. Luckily, science has made leaps and bounds in understanding and reversing hair loss.

In fact, my guy Ed Thibeault has years of experience in solving different kinds of male pattern baldness. In his shop, he has multiple different options for anyone looking to keep the hair they have and possibly stimulate new hair growth:

  1. Capillus Laser Cap – A relative newcomer to the hair loss industry, Capillus has an entire line of hair and scalp health products that prevent hair loss and even regrows your hair. The Capillus Laser Cap is an intriguing product that uses low-level lasers targeted on your scalp for long periods of time to stimulate circulation and hair follicle growth. You can see the cap for yourself at Presidio Hair! Ask Ed about results.
  2. Nioxin Hair Products – Tackling both male and female pattern baldness, Nioxin contains minoxidil, which is one of the only FDA-approved medications for hair regrowth.
  3. Bosley Hair Products – Ed’s salon also offers a variety of Bosley hair loss products

Capillus Cap