Giving Up The Moon

Giving Up The Moon
Giving Up The Moon

I am a huge film buff and there is nothing that Darren and I like to do better than cuddle up in front of the fire and watch a good movie.  We like all types of movies, from superhero-action flicks to touching comedies, but what really excites us are introspective movies.  It is fascinating to watch filmmakers explore their Jungian Shadow and see themselves from darker, more brutally honest perspectives.  That’s why we are so excited about Giving Up The Moon, a movie project aimed at exploring identity and self-worth!

Giving Up The Moon: Meet the Filmmaker

Samantha Bloomfield is a Transgender Filmmaker from Portsmouth, Ohio whom currently resides in LA.  In the film, Samantha will examine a troubling interpersonal conflict related to her coming out as transgender. The subject matter itself is enthralling, but given the small-town Ohio setting and context surrounding the main story, the idea of exploring trans is ever-the-more captivating.

Samantha’s goal is to highlight how doubting your self-worth can lead to a downward spiral of depression and negative self-talk.  She wants to tell anyone going through a similar experience that they are not alone and that they are indeed worthy love and respect.

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Giving Up The Moon: How You Can Help?

A project of this magnitude requires tons of planning and resources.  Samantha has assembled an amazing team to help with the planning and execution, which means we can help with the resources!  Try these simple steps to help Giving Up The Moon get off the ground. It’s easy and it won’t cost you a thing!

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