What happened to Colorez Magazine?

So we’re out at Woody’s on Saturday night, where I run into a friend I haven’t seen for awhile.

We’re with a couple of new friends who just moved here from Michigan and a friend from California that was here to choreograph a new ballet.

I introduced everyone and the conversation started. A typical conversation, why did you move here, what do you do for a living, are you single?

Next thing that comes out of no where is, “so, did you here that Colorez had to close down the newspaper?” “My friend so and so, said they are no more.”

This is why I’m now writing to you. I have noticed this happens a lot. Not sure if it is more or less in the gay community vs. the straight community. I’m around the gay community a lot more, so for me, it seems to happen a lot in the gay community.

The point is this, be careful what you here and repeat. Facts get diluted from one person to another. Not always with malice intention. It’s just the way it is.

For example: One partner, we’ll call him Mark, shows up at a bar with his best friend, John. His boyfriend, Paul, is working late and plans to meet them for dinner after he gets off. Someone sees Mark with John and says, “oh, Mark and Paul must have broke up. I wonder what happened?”

You get the gist.

Now lets go back to Colorez. In the last issue of Colorez, Hugh wrote that they were going to be delayed on the next issue.

I am a fan of the new magazine, so I called an employee of Colorez yesterday. He said the same thing. They will be back on the shelves, and I say, “not a moment too soon”.

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