Puerto Vallarta, pictures coming soon.

My partner and I went to Puerto Vallarta last month with some friends.  What a great place to visit.  And gay? Definitely.  I’d have to say it was probably 30% gay there.  Gays everywhere!

If you get a chance to go I would highly recommend it.  There is plenty to do.  We went snorkeling in Los Arcos.  By horseback, went up to a beautiful waterfall.  Went whale watching and laid out on the beach and relaxed a lot.

One of my favorite things was the zip lines in the rain forest.  They are cables running from tree to tree and across the river below (about 500 feet down).

You basically strap on a harness, connect the harness to a rope and the rope to the cable.  Once you jump you can control the speed by leaning back further for faster.  I believe it is about 600 meters across.

We did 14 lines, the last two run with the river and take you down to the swimming area and restaurant.  There are also animals there from the rain forest.  So if you want to play with a tarantula or giant black scorpion, well, to each his own.  I did feed the little monkey’s.

There are plenty of gay bars, big night clubs, restaurants, stores and hotels.  And you must meet the Queen.  Her name is Debbie and she owns an upstairs restaurant called The Banana Cantina which has great posole.  She also owns The Choco Banana, the little bar below.  If you get to meet her, she has the in on the clubs, discounts etc.  Tell her GayTucson.com sent you.

If you want any information, write to me at TonyRay@GayTucson.com and I will be glad to give you the 411.  Oh, and I will be posting photos soon.  So check back. 

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