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The secret to success anywhere is right inside our head.

During my years of observation, I’ve found several distinctions that separate happy and successful people from everyone else.  It’s based on attitude. And the good news is, by shifting your mindset, you can see dramatic results.

First is the way we approach people.  If you are trying too hard to impress them or show off your knowledge or status you may be viewed as pushy or downright scary.

But, if you show a true interest in them, their outlooks and issues, you will begin to connect and build trust.  The world has become so relationship based that everyone wants someone to trust, to listen and connect with.  If you are working so hard at proving how great you are, you will end up turning people off.

Relax, listen and connect with people.

Have you ever notices that a group of friends have a similar vibe?  That is because kind people attract kind people.  Complainers attract complainers, misery loves company, and so on.

One of the attitudes that really affects relationships is that of, if you have other friends, then you don’t have time to be my friend.

This attitude just leads to bitterness and the loss of friends.  You should have a viariety of friends, some like biking some like running, some like the theatre. Don’t be so clingy that you drive your best friend crazy.

Also remember to take care of yourself.  Take a day off to be yourself leave your cell phone at home and forget your email.  You will keep in touch with yourself and be refreshed to be in the relationship your friends deserve.

If you look around you will find people are connecting in so many ways, having fun and enjoying life. You can do it too, so start changing your mindset today and start thriving tomorrow.

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