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G3 White Party
G3 White Party

G3 Tucson

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G3 is an gay event planning group in Tucson. The people who show up to the events are a mixed group of men and women of all ages. Most of their events have over 200 people attend and some are over 300.

Tucson G3 used to be called G2H2 until Pete King arrived to take over the events and he renamed it G3. Since he’s been running it, attendance has skyrocketed and the events keep getting better and better.

G3 Tucson hosts different events like monthly gay men’s (and their gal pals and straight male friends) happy hours, Sunday brunches, pool parties and a special event around Tucson Gay Pride. always shares G3 events so check our event calendar often to stay in the know. You could also add yourself to our newsletter to stay in the loop!