My Favorite Gay Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

My Favorite Gay Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now
My Favorite Gay Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

I don’t know how past societies practiced social distancing, but I don’t know how I could survive the stay at home orders without Netflix. Thankfully, I won’t have to find out as the service keeps getting better and better. Join me as take a look at my favorite gay movies streaming on Netflix right now! Or, if you are more of a reader, check out our Top 10 LGBT Books!

Here Are My Favorite Gay Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now!

My Favorite Gay Movie List Explained

Quick disclaimer – These aren’t necessarily my favorite gay movies of all time, they are wonderful films that you can stream right now. Just throw on some sweatpants, start brewing your favorite tea, and enjoy any of these fantastic movies without ever leaving your home!

The Cakemaker on Netflix
The Cakemaker on Netflix

The Cakemaker

The Cakemaker touching film exploring family dynamics and the desire for others to accept who you are. You are gonna love the scenery, and the cakes are sure to delight!

God’s Own Country

For those that love a good drama, look no further than God’s Own Country. It is a window into the lives of blue-collar farm workers and the incredible amount of love an affection that can grow in the fertile soil.


Anyone who knows me knows that I love to laugh. But I’m also sentimental and that’s why I loved this documentary so much. I’ve followed Tig Notaro’s career for some time and I’ve fallen for her deadpan style and peerless wit. What I didn’t know is how much of an inspirational person she is and how great I felt when I finished watching this illuminating movie.

Alex Strangelove

Dallas Buyers Club on Netflix
Dallas Buyers Club on Netflix

For a little change of pace, I sometimes like to imagine what life must be like for youngsters in such a crazy and chaotic world. I took a flier on Alex Strangelove and I couldn’t be happier I did. This wonderfully touching film explores modern relationship dynamics in a funny and charming way.

Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club is a bit older, but still hits the mark in poignancy and impact. If you or anyone you know has been impacted by the scourge of HIV/AIDS, then this movie will prove cathartic and inspiring. It is an emotional powerhouse, complete with heavy-weight performances and impeccable camera work. Truly a must-see for everyone!

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