Rumor has it…. A New Gay Club to Open Downtown

New Tucson Gay Club, H20 Discotec tucson
A New Tucson Gay Club is Opening Downtown called H20 Discotec.

We have some BIG NEWS!

A brand new Gay Club is opening in Tucson, right in the heart of downtown!!

New Tucson Gay Club

Located on Congress St. where the old H20 and Aquadec used to be, new owners have purchased the 3 story nightclub and lounge to make it into Tucson’s biggest gay LGBT friendly and straight-allied destination.

There is something for everyone! You will be able to dive into the bass in the H20 Discotec, lounge on the second floor Aquadec, and visit the rooftop patio, Skydec.

But wait there’s more! H20 Discotec bar and club will be open on the weekends and party nights. The second story called, the Aquadec will be open to the community 7 days a week to make a brand new safe community space for meetings, events and socializing.

A new safe space for meetings, and events and socializing.

To celebrate, and announce themselves to the world, H20 Discotec and Aquadec are hosting a Coming Out NYE Bash. Mark your calendars and stay tuned to for more info about their coming out grand opening party.