The Outpatient Project

The Outpatient Project:

The Outpatient Project serves to provide a voice for marginalized genders to share their perspectives on healthcare experiences and issues. This group publishes anonymous photo interviews with women about their mental and physical health care stories.

The Outpatient Project
One of the women whose voice was heard.

As a result, this project has helped over 50 women share their healthcare stories to vast audience through social media.

Women have been the main focus due to the under-representation of the female voice in any healthcare discussion. However, they plan to expand the focus to all genders to show understanding in everyone’s perspective on healthcare and mental illnesses.

The Outpatient Project
Science is not a liberal conspiracy.

Also the Outpatient Project not only serves as a voice for marginalized groups’ health care perspectives but also gives these issues a real human face.

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The Outpatient Project
Some of The Outpatient Project women.