One of the best gifts ever…A shower!

One of the reasons that Tucson’s water gets high marks for being good water is the chemicals used to treat it.  I’m okay with that, but, I don’t like the chlorine taste. So, I use a water pitcher with a filter.  The water tastes great, I can refill my stainless steel bottle, not buy plastic bottles and life is good.

My other complaint is that my skin feels dry after a shower.  Again, the chlorine plays its part.  My home does not have a soft water system and I’m not ready to incur that expense.  The gift of Sprite to the rescue (no, not the soda).

Sprite Industries makes a shower head (see photo, yes, that’s my shower) with a changeable, carbon filter.  I used it for the first time this morning and loved it.  My hair and skin feel softer, the steam was better to breath and I was happy knowing that the filter was taking away chlorine, dirt and iron oxide.  I highly recommend getting one of these.