Pepito Has A Doll – A Wonderful Children’s Book with a Fantastic Message

Creating a community dedicated to equality has long been the goal of GayTucson, as well as the overriding direction of my life. This applies to everyone; black or white, gay or heterosexual, and boy or girl. It is time for our society to build better men by treating our sons with the same care and love that we treat our daughters. It is past time to break down the barriers that have boxed us in for far too long! And, thanks to wonderful stories like Pepito Has a Doll / Pepito Tiene Una Muneca, it’s time for boys to play with dolls!

Pepito Has A Doll / Pepito Tiene Una Muneca
Pepito Has A Doll / Pepito Tiene Una Muneca

Tell Me About Pepito Has A Doll?

Released just last week, Pepito Has A Doll is a brand new narrative fiction centered around a shy young boy whom lives with his grandmother. His only companion is his doll Lola, until he makes a new friend in Miguel and they join together in a joyful adventure. The story gives families a perfect opportunity to discuss traditionally-defined gender roles and norms.

What is So Special About Pepito Tiene Una Muneca?

The title really says it all. Having a bilingual book featuring families of color really sets this book apart from the crowded masses. While LGBT characters are finally being depicted in our media in a positive light, we still have yet to reckon with the white supremacy that permeates our society and pushes everyone else to the margins. Pepito Has A Doll fights squarely against this cross-current.

Where Can I Get My Copy of Pepito Has A Doll?

You can order your copy of Pepito Has A Doll on Amazon today and have it on your doorstep tomorrow (delivery times may vary 😉 Follow this link to Order Pepito Has A Doll in Paperback Today!