Interfaith Minister, Julie Slayton Frank

Tucson Interfaith Minister

Tucson Interfaith Minister, Julie Slayton Frank

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A note from Tucson Interfaith Minister, Julie Slayton Frank:

“The proudest moment of my professional life was January 1, 2008, the day that civil unions became legal in the State of New Hampshire. I had been working for a Unitarian Universalist Church and we had been at the forefront of marriage equality around the country. On that date, we held a community celebration to mark the moment we had been working for. While a service took place upstairs in our historic sanctuary, I was downstairs quietly performing civil unions. Fourteen to be exact, the most of anyone in New Hampshire on that date. While I reveled in the new-found rights of so many friends, it was one onlooker who meant the most – our son Greg. Greg had come out to us about 10 years earlier, and by 2008 he was about to graduate from college, a proud gay man who watched this joyful piece of history. Being able to show him that the world was changing was a proud moment in my personal life as well. While I have had the honor of officiating at hundreds of wedding and civil unions, it is the ones that were not legal a few short years ago that mean the most to me.”

Tucson Interfaith Minister

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