Living a LGBT Lifestyle in Tucson, Arizona recognized Tucson as an LGBT Friendly City to Live in the USA and we agree!

With a population of half a million, Tucson is full of big city amenities, luxuries, and opportunities but boasts a small-town, real community feel.

In addition to being a college town, astronomy, research, science, technology, medical, and behavior health are big industries in Tucson.

Many Tucsonans are environmentally conscious. When you drive through the city, you will find an abundance of no-maintenance, naturally-landscaped yards, reflecting highly on many Tucsonans values and beliefs. You won’t find many lawns to mow and definitely won’t see people shoveling snow. If no snow disappoints you, worry not, after a 30-minute drive to Mt. Lemmon you can sled, make snow angels and even ski/snowboard.

Health, fitness, and nature are popular. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Tucson in groves for the world famous road and mountain biking trails, endless hiking trails, and rock climbing routes. Yoga is also very popular and so is food.

Tucson is the first city in the USA to be honored globally as a World City of Gastronomy and Tucson is a foodie city indeed. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’m still discovering new great places to eat and new one keep popping up all the time.

Most of the restaurants and business’s are mom and pop or small start-up companies, so you won’t find many chains here, expect at the mall maybe.

The downtown is a booming and happening place to be right now. Lots of new construction and renovations are taking place and a new modern streetcar or light rail was installed to take you to and from all the big downtown districts. You could most definitely live downtown without a car. Ride the light rail or bike around town. Bars, nightclubs, restaurants, art galleries, yoga studios, collaborative workspaces and coffee shops are on every downtown corner, but pretty much on all the other corners too.

But do you want to know what the best thing about Tucson is?

It’s a LGBT Friendly City!!

Tucson is a very open, accepting and affirming place to live. There are no segregated “gay” neighborhoods, everyone lives everywhere. There are a couple gay bars, including a brand new 3 story gay club and community space that is just opening in downtown. You’ll find lots of straight-allied people hanging out there too just like you can expect to find a mix of people at the other spots around town. There are many social clubs, and organizations to support the LGBT community.

The University of Arizona is leading the nation in transgender research. They are even creating a new transgender studies master’s program. There is also a transgender VA hospital wing and other resources to support the trans community.

If you are thinking of relocating to Tucson, I’d be happy to send you a relocation package and chat with you. I am here to help and I want the LGBT community to know that Tucson is and LBGT friendly city.

If you want to see the original article that wrote about Tucson being LGBT Friendly City here is the PDF version: Tucson LGBT lifestyle