Top 11 Best Countries for Being Gay and Free

Here are the Best Countries for Being Gay and Accepted that You Need to Add to Your Bucket List: 

  • Belgium: The second country to legalize gay marriage has established itself as one of the most progressive European countries. There is big gay nightlife in Brussels in particular and this attracts gays from surrounding nations.
  • Canada: Despite being next door to the United States, Canada has been a field leader in same-sex right for a long time. In 2003 they passed laws that adopted same-sex marriage laws and make anti-gay propaganda illegal. The weather is nice in the summer and you can find many festivals. Montreal is world renowned for its gay village, a definite destination to visit.
  • Argentina/Brazil: The first two South American countries to legalize same-sex marriage are Argentina and Brazil. Buenos Aries is a fantastic destination for gays and lesbians because they are a part of the city’s fabric. It is known the gay nightlife in Brazil is huge and Rio de Janeiro is the place to be showing a large population to be gay.
  • Iceland: Gay marriage has been legal since 2010 and the country is governed by an openly gay individual! Iceland is one big geothermic spa. there are hot springs to bathe in and nature galore, including the mystical Northern Lights. For nature lovers, put Iceland on the list!
  • South Africa: Gay marriage has been legal since 2006. In a continent with a lot of strict anti-gay laws, South Africa is leaps and bounds ahead of its neighbors in working towards integrating acceptance. This country has a long-standing history of racism and if you visit, this is definitely something to be aware of. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see how far they have come. Keep it up South Africa.
  • The Philippines: Any gay person looking for an Asian country to visit should consider the Phillippines. Most Phillipinos accept gay people. So much so, that some of the media figures are gay. However, the Catholic church still has a tight hold on the country, so all of the legal equality rights are not present yet. None-the-less, an accepting culture and white sandy beaches still make this a good destination for gays to enjoy.
  • Australia: It’s common knowledge, that Australia is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world because it has been this way for a long time. The annual three-week long Mardi gras festival is a testament to that. Despite the country’s great amount of acceptance, gay marriage is still not legal.
  • Germany: Judging by the huge amount of gay festivals in almost every city in Germany that attract lots of people. Germany makes the list as a place of gay acceptance. Same sex laws are not in place as of now, but rest assured, as a visitor you will have a blast!

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  • Netherlands: The first country to legalize same-sex marriage is also in favor of gay adoption. Amsterdam has one of the biggest pride festivals attracting over 50,000 people.
  • Spain: The population as whole is very accepting of gays. Southwest of Barcelona lies coastal town of Stiges, known for its picturesque views and the men-only (swimsuit optional) beach. Blocks away you can dine in one of the gay-friendly restaurants, drink at a gay-friendly bar and stay in a gay-friendly hotel. Almost the entire country is gay-friendly!
  • America: Tucson, Arizona: Tucson is a great place to visit or live. It is an open, accepting city with a blossoming downtown. Filled with arts, nightclubs, and restaurants (Tucson was voted #1 foodie city by Unesco–a huge honor), Tucson has actually been a gay-friendly city for as long as I have lived here (practically my whole life). Recently, gay marriage even became legal. Celebrate! The collective mindset in Tucson welcomes diversity and embraces the uniqueness of all peoples. Definitely, come for a visit and maybe stay! If you are looking for a gay/gay-friendly realtor in Tucson please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a blast jet setting to all of the best countries for being gay. Make sure to call me when you are relocating to Tucson!