Tucson Ranks Best City for LGBT’s to Live

Tucson is a great city for gays!

In fact, did you know that the entire state of Arizona is overall, a welcoming, gay-friendly and accepting place? Some things LGBT’s should consider when looking for the best city to live.

  • Are there the same legal protections available to LGBT’s as to heterosexual residents?
  • Are non-discrimination laws set in place to protect LGBT residents, and specifically when it comes to housing and employment?
  • Is the culture warm and accepting of alternative sexual orientations and gender identities?

You want all of these checks and balances to create a safe, enjoyable lifestyle for LGBT families. Movato created a list of the 7 Best Towns in Arizona for LGBT Families to Live. No surprise to us, Tucson is on the list as a best city and here are some of the reasons why: There are specific laws are in place in Tucson that protect LGBT families from discrimination. You will find many groups, resources, events and community-building activities in Tucson to socialize and gain support. Tucson is a non-discriminating place and full of LGBT’s and straight-allies.

According to Wikipedia, Tucson is a haven for musicians and artists and has 10.4 LGBT residents per 1,000. In addition to having an accepting culture focused on the arts, the cost of living in Tucson is outstanding. Housing in Tucson is accessible and significantly cheaper than the rest of the state and the country.

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The Original PDF of Movato’s Ranking: The 7 Best Towns in Arizona for LGBT Families