LGBT Friendly Universities: University of Arizona

All 3 of Arizona’s Universities rank among‘s top 30 schools for LGBT students: University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University. The entire state of Arizona is LGBTQ friendly!

The University of Arizona LGBT — Tucson, Arizona

The survey highlights which colleges have clubs and organizations to raise awareness of LGBT issues and to connect, build and support the community.

The survey recognized the University of Arizona for its LGBTQ Affairs campus office, education workshops, support groups and its Institute for LGBT Studies.

Similarly, ASU has about 10 student organizations and offers an LGBT undergraduate certificate. UA has an additional option of a master’s certificate. NAU offers a Queer Studies minor and has an LGBTQA Resource and Support group that collaborates with other campus organizations.

The three Arizona universities also have at least one LGBTQ greek life chapter.

More info about University of Arizona LGBT Community:

In 2016 the University of Arizona held a unique conference in transgender studies that was the first of it’s kind worldwide. It’s called Trans*studies: An International Transdisciplinary Conference on Gender, Embodiment, and Sexuality. Panelists from around the world addressed issues of access and proper transgender care within health-care structures, including the need for a gender dysphoria diagnosis for certain kinds of treatment. This was a huge step for the Tucson transgender community. More good things are in the works from the UA, like the creation of a master’s program in transgender studies. UA offers a certificate until the program is created. If you are interested inquire!!

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