Tucson Pride Parade 2019

Tucson Pride Parade 2019
Tucson Pride Parade 2019

The Tucson Pride Parade 2019 has historically been the opening salvo in Tucson Gay Pride Weekend. Featuring LGBTQ Groups and straight allies, the parade consists of custom cars and fabulous floats with lots of music, lights and even candy. Keep reading to learn when, where and what you can expect at Tucson Pride Parade 2019!

When and Where is Tucson Pride Parade 2019?

Our friends at TucsonPride.org have done an amazing job planning the entire weekend, and the Pride Parade did not miss out on that love and attention. In years past, the parade was held the night before Pride in the Park, leading to some awe-inspiring after-parties but making the whole series of events feel disjointed.

Tucson Pride Parade 2019
Intuit is a Major Sponsor of the Tucson Pride Parade 2019

This year, the Pride Parade occurs directly before the park festivities, offering a seamless flow from one event to the next. The parade begins at 11 AM on Saturday. September 28th on the corner of S. Country Club Road and E. Manchester Street. The parade will proceed up Country Club Road and end at S. Country Club Road at Concert Place, where Pride in the Park will be gathering. Now parade participants and spectators alike can enjoy the procession of pageantry and end up in the heart of the party!

What Can I Expect at Tucson Pride Parade 2019?

Our Pride Parade never disappoints, with numerous floats and a great crowd turnout. This year will be even better thanks to the improved planning. You can expect an epic night of partying on the Friday before Pride 2019, then to wake up early and head to Country Club and Manchester to enjoy a fun parade with your friends. This whole event leads directly to the best party of the year, Tucson Pride 2019! Have fun and I can’t wait to see you at the parade!

For everything else there is to know about Tucson Pride 2019, check the GayTucson Calendar!

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