Tucson Ranked #3 City For LGBTQ Retirement

Tucson Arizona 2018 Human Rights Council HRC Score
Tucson Arizona 2018 Human Rights Council HRC Score

The accolades keep rolling in for our beloved Tucson! This time, we were awarded a top ranking for LGBTQ-Friendly Retirement from SeniorAdvice.com! We won because of our active senior community (shout out Southern Arizona Senior Pride) and our incredibly welcoming city (Perfect Tucson HRC score). Keep reading to learn more about why Tucson is such a great city for LGBTQ Retirees!

LGBTQ Retirement in Tucson

An affordable city with year-round excellent weather, Tucson is one of the fastest growing retirement destinations in the country. Our young and vibrant city is also blessed with abundant history, offering retirees the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe, comfortable environment.

LGBT Friendly University
LGBT Friendly University — University of Arizona

Then there are all the other reasons that make our Tucson community truly incredible. There is the Institute for LGBTQ Studies at the University of Arizona, one of the first of it’s kind in the nation. And don’t forget about the anti-discrimination ordinances Tucson passed in the 90’s, ensuring legal protections for all of it’s citizens.

Why You Should Retire in Tucson

Beyond the incredible weather and wonderful history, the real reason you need to retire here is because your friends will be. We’re the fastest growing retirement destination for a reason: you’ll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining and welcoming town anywhere in the US. We are a kind and loving community and we would be happy to share our home with you!