5 Fun Things To Do During Gay Pride Month

5 Fun Things To Do During Gay Pride Month
5 Fun Things To Do During Gay Pride Month

Gay Pride Month has always represented the best parts of our world-changing Gay Pride Movement, love and respect for ourselves and one another. Each year until now, we have been able to gather together and celebrate our shared differences. Unfortunately for us, a global pandemic and a disastrous domestic response means our gathering have to be a little smaller and more intimate. Here are 5 fun things that you can do during June, our illustrious Gay Pride Month!

Make A New Friend At Brodie’s

One of the best locations in Tucson to meet new people, I have always found the welcoming atmosphere of Brodie’s Tavern to be conducive to conversation. They have implemented a bunch of changes to make the experience fun and safe, so head over between the hours of 2pm and 2am (8pm during curfew) for a great time at one of Tucson’s only Gay Bars.

IBT's Digital Drag Show in May
IBT’s Digital Drag Show in May

Check Out IBT’s Digital Drag Show


It may have occurred a few weeks ago, but if you haven’t had a chance to check out IBT’s Digital Drag Show, you owe it to yourself to click on the link above and watch it right now! If you really love it, be sure to leave a comment!

Enjoy a Gay-Centric Netflix Series

Darren and I loved the brilliant Netflix series Hollywood and we think you will too! We even did a full write-up of Why You Will Love Hollywood, so head over there if you are someone who likes to be convinced. Everyone else, fire up your favorite streaming device and escape to the Sepia-toned yersterdays of Hollywood.

Watch a Recommending Selection from Our Social Distancing Film Series for Gay Pride Month

Sometimes one series isn’t enough. I know that Darren and I watched every episode we could find within a weekend! When you are looking for something else to focus your attention upon, head over to our Social Distancing Film Series, with selections from both Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Donate To A Wonderful Tucson Organization

Thornhill Lopez Center
Thornhill Lopez Center

We are all lucky that we have such fantastic non-profit organizations to support those in Tucson whom are less fortunate. During turbulent times like these, you might be wondering what you can do to be a part of positive change. Your time and energy are always important, but for those whose life and responsibilities don’t allow them to volunteer as much as they’d like, taking the time to make a donation to a worthy cause can make a huge difference!

The causes that are most close to my heart are the Thornhill-Lopez Center on 4th and TIHAN. Thornhill-Lopez is an amazing facility and suite of services provided by our friends at SAAF. They are on the front lines, combating the scourge of homelessness that afflicts gay youths in this country. Donate to SAAF Today!

TIHAN is a non-profit dedicated to providing support services for people affected by HIV / AIDS. They care for some of the most vulnerable amongst us. Donate to TIHAN Today!

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