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I am a proud Mom of a Gay son!!!  John came out 4 years ago to a Midwestern Homophobic Republican Mom and Dad – WHAT COURAGE!!! Because of his maturity and desperation to be true to himself he was strong in his delivery… saying over and over again to me I am the SAME person I always was…… I just need to be honest and live the life i am meant to live!!!

Now, because of my son….I am a better person. We recently celebrated 5 years of my sobriety which has helped tremendously in my acceptance and passion for gay rights and I’ve learned to support Gay Rights everyday and in every way I possibly can.

He also was my mentor…..he lost 95 pounds and became a runner…..running the Chicago Marathon this past year!!! He gently encouraged me to be in better physical condition… I lost 100 pounds with his inspiration!!!  I still am not a good dancer and he has become Neal Patrick Harris on the dance floor…..but you can not have everything!!!

I want to help others through our experiences and what I have learned from PFLAG!!!

Mental Hugs….


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