Bisexual Dating Advise

Q. Dear Mom,

I have recently moved to Tucson from Texas after a very bad divorce. I’m a bisexual and have dated many women and only a few men, but i feel like women have hurt me too many times in the past, especially my now ex wife. Should I try dating more men to see if i can find the right person for me?

A. Dear Texas,

While divorces can be messy and hurtful, you have to pick up and go on, even if you are hurt and angry. As long as you hold that anger, you will never be happy. You have to be happy inside to be happy outside.

However, not everyone is the same and you have just not found the right one, yet.  Take your time and find someone who makes you happy, who makes you smile and laugh.  I cannot choose a partner for you.  Only you can do that  and only you will know when it is right.  So…….not much help, I’m afraid.  Do what your heart says.
Welcome to Tucson and good luck.