Clean Sex

Q.  Hi mom.  I hope u can answer my question. Im a gay guy and im a bottom. My problem is that whenever i meet a guy and let him have anal sex with me there always seems to be poo in my ass that sticks to his condom and its really embarrassing. I go to the toilet before going out and dont eat anything before ive even tried rinsing my anus out with the shower hose inserted in me. Whenever i watch gay porn everyones bum is so clean how can i have a clean poo free bottom for my guys to enjoy please help. Is there a product for cleaning out my bum or anything like that?  thanx mom from richard x

A. Dear Richard x,

Well, this one is a first.  But, – no pun intended – I have checked around and found out that this seems to be a common problem with couples.  Don’t be embarrased.  I’m sure the person you are with has run into that problem before.  As far as the movies go, just remember movies are made and things are doctored and fixed to look the way they want.  I’ve not heard about anything to clean with.  If you have a Dr,.  you feel comfortable with, talk to him.

Thank’s, Richard, for not being afraid to ask this question, as I’m sure others would like to know, as well.

Hugs, Mom