Favorite Holiday Movie Quotes

It can often be a struggle for me to get into the Holiday Spirit, which is funny because I like pretty much everything about the holidays.  I love the change in the weather as it gets a little cold (if you call 70º cold) and the leaves turn brown.  I love the focus on family and togetherness and giving, we don’t talk about those things very much anymore.

Even though I’m not that into decorating, I appreciate the lights and pagentry of Christmas and I am over the moon once Darren decorates and i get to live in a Winter Wonderland.  Darren is still in Cuba, so the Winter Wonderland is arriving a bit late this year 🙂  He is usually my Christmas Ambassador, so what am I to do… (Haha, did anyone else get a sweet Blanche DuBois image in their heads just now?)

I Have To Take Matters Into My Own Hands…

My first idea is to brainwash myself into the Holiday Spirit, so I binge-watched some of my favorite Christmas movies this past weekend.  It was just what I needed!  I forgot how much fun it was to experience Christmas as a child.  That must be the Holiday Spirit!

But this season is also about sharing, so I am happy to share my favorite Holiday movie quotes to help get you into the Holiday Spirit. Enjoy the clips and be sure to comment with your favorite Christmas Movies so we can pass the spirit forward!

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