FLUXX New Year’s Eve Party

Fluxx Reveal Your Kink 2020

New Year’s day is a cathartic event where you inventory the past year and hopefully plan for the next. New Year’s Eve, by contrast, is a night to get a little wild and make a few regrets to inventory in the morning. The only questions is where, as in where will you be when the ball drops? I have the answer: Fluxx Reveal Your Kink 2020, the New Year’s Eve Party to End All New Years!

When and Where is Fluxx Reveal Your Kink 2020?

Fluxx Presents - Reveal Your Kink 2020 at 191 Toole in Downtown Tucson
Fluxx Presents – Reveal Your Kink 2020 at 191 Toole in Downtown Tucson

The Fluxx New Year’s Eve Party will be, luckily enough, on New Year’s Eve (December 31st) starting at 9pm and running till 2am New Year’s Day. You’ll be enjoying the comfy confines of 191 Toole, a wonderful establishment I had the pleasure of visiting a few weeks ago. With a wonderfully spacious dance floor and great lighting, it is the perfect place for us to enjoy the end of the year. Just wait until you see the amazing mural of Poseidon outside!

What Can I Expect?

Well, you can probably expect to reveal a few kinks πŸ˜‰ And the whole time you’ll be dancing to the pulse-pounding rhythms of 5 amazing DJ’s, each with a distinct style and flavor to suit all different tastes. You’ll also find Fuego-go (hilarious pun) dancers performing incredible (and flammable) moves to delight the audience.

Where else do you want to have your midnight toast? It’s only $6 at the door for a fantastic time in a trendy downtown dance hall. Your in for a great New Year’s Eve Party at Fluxx Reveal Your Kink 2020!

For anything else there is to know about Fluxx Presents: Reveal Your Kink 2020, visit the GayTucson Events Calendar!

Have a great day!

Tony Ray πŸ™‚