G3 December 2019

G3 December 2019
Tucson G3 December 2019 Fruit Cake Holiday Party

The merriest time of the year also brings with it the funniest G3 of the season, better know as Fruitcake. This wonderful annual tradition brings eschews the more mundane parts of the holiday season, the ugly sweaters and luke-warm eggnog, replacing it with raucous laughter over delicious cocktails and high-energy tunes. You are invited to the G3 December 2019, so come and get your Slice of Fruitcake!

When and Where is G3 December 2019?

Fruitcake, Tucson G3’s annual holiday party, will be held on Friday, December 20th from 5 pm to 9 pm. Party-goers will get a sneak peek into Tucson’s newest hotspot, The Backdoor. It’s a renovated oasis located in the old Tucson Trolley Barn just off 4th Street. The venue is still a work in progress, but you’ll get a glimpse before anyone else does!

What Can I Expect at G3?

You can expect all the pomp and style that you have come to expect from the G3 Holiday Party. Glorious lights will adorn majestic Christmas trees, creating a winter wonderland in our desert home. Oversized, inflatable toys will be flying across the room almost as fast as the luxurious libations. And remember, it’s gonna be a long night and your first drink is complimentary, so be sure to drink plenty of water.

What’s more to say? We get the best holiday party of the year and we get it to share it with our friends from G3. This year, it doesn’t matter if you were naughty or you were nice, we all get a huge present from Pete King and the G3 Team. But honestly, I think Pete would prefer it if you were naughty πŸ˜‰

For Fruitcake – The Annual G3 Holiday Party and anything else you’d like to know about fun events in Tucson, check the GayTucson Events Calendar!

Have a great day!
Tony Ray πŸ™‚