Fun Flashback Movies While Stuck At Home

Hairspray - Fun Flashback Movies While Stuck At Home
Hairspray - Fun Flashback Movies While Stuck At Home

Sometimes a good movie is all you need to escape from the monotony of social distancing. Darren and I found a few hours this weekend to enjoy a few excellent films that I think you’ll love. These wonderfully campy movies have held up through time thanks to their great morals. Keep reading to learn why you need to watch these Fun Flashback Movies: Hairspray (2007) and Sordid Lives.

Tell Me About Hairspray (2007)

Nicki Blonsky in Hairspray
Nicki Blonsky in Hairspray

This was probably my favorite movie as it features a theme very close to my heart, inclusion. I champion diversity in my life and I love movies with a message of being confident in yourself and shinning your light. If you like the same messages, Hairspray is the perfect movie for you!

In a nutshell, Hairspray is the delightful tale of a young woman learning to accept and love herself. Along the way, she learns an appreciation of diversity and empowering others to be themselves.

Featuring hilarious performances by a cross-dressing John Travolta and the steamy Zach Effron, this is a remake that might be better than the original. If that is even possible.

Tell Me About Sordid Lives?

Sordid Lives - Fun Flashback Movies
Sordid Lives – Fun Flashback Movies

Sordid Lives is another hilarious, feel-good movie revolving around acceptance (you’re probably noticing a theme). You get to see a glimpse of Olivia Newton-John that you never knew existed and you will fall in love with the affable protagonist played by Leslie Jordan.

With a dynamite cast and relatable story, this movie will have you appreciating the loving relationships you have. Especially during a time like this, thinking about who you love and who love you is a cathartic experience.

Catch These Movies Streaming To A Device Near You!

Turn down the lights, pop some popcorn, and enjoy both of these fantastic films by following the Amazon links above or search the streaming service on your home device.

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