COVID Home Haircuts – Gay Hairdresser Teaches You How To Look Your Best At Home

COVID Home Haircuts - Gay Hairdresser Teaches You How To Look Your Best At Home
COVID Home Haircuts - Gay Hairdresser Teaches You How To Look Your Best At Home

Ever since salons and spas started closing up in March, I have been seeing memes and contests online regarding quarantine haircuts. From the awesome COVID Cut Challenge to hilarious home haircut fails (check our Home Hair Fails Gallery below), there is a bunch of energy around self grooming and staying sharp while social distancing. Thankfully, a gay hairdresser named Brad Mondo has generously given his time to teach all of us how to master COVID Home Haircuts and look our best at home!

How Does Brad Teach COVID Home Haircuts?

Learn COVID Home Haircuts Step-by-Step with Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo has a series of excellently-produced YouTube videos that each delve into a distinct aspect of COVID Home Haircuts. He teaches you step-by-step with descriptive camera angles and takes the time to walk you through the finer points of home grooming.

I dont’ know Brad Mondo at all be he seems like a fabulous person, very giving and with a hilarious personality. This really comes across in the videos as he combines humor, a glamorous sense of style and peerless wit into a home grooming series that you’ll end up watching just for the fun!

Looking for a More Professional Touch?

Brad has amazing advice and examples, but my time-strapped business friends might not have the time (or patience) to complete a quarantine haircut. And if there is anything you don’t want to do, it’s start a haircut and not finish it 😎

Presidio Hair Studio Booths
Presidio Hair Studio Booths

For those looking for a more professional touch, look no further than my preferred stylist, Ed Thibeault at Presidio Hair! Starting Friday, Presidio Har is will open for business and you can get an amazing haircut in a safe, relaxing enviornment.

Reserve your spot by calling (520) 990-4731 or drop-in to their new location on 3955 E Speedway Blvd #107, Tucson, AZ 85712.

So whether you are brave soul with a steady hand, or prefer to relax and let the professionals take care of you, you’ll want to keep looking your best during all those Zoom meetings you have come to dread. Stay inside. Stay Safe.

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