G3 Pride Party 2018

G3 Pride Party 2018 - Kick-off to Tucson Pride
G3 Pride Party 2018 - Kick-off to Tucson Pride

Hot on the heels of another successful Gay and Lesbian Happy Hour, the gang at Tucson G3 are right back at it with the G3 Pride Party2018!  This is the kick-off event for Tucson Pride 2018, a great party to blow off steam before the big day.

As if that wasn’t enough, a very special guest DJ has flown in from a far-off land to delight us with intense dance mixes.  It’s gonna be a rocking time.  I really hope you can make it to the G3 Pride Party 2018 – Kick-Off to Tucson Pride 2018!

G3 Pride Party 2018: When and Where?

The Hut will be the host for this latest extravaganza on Friday, September 28th.  Pro Tip –  Come early to grab a bite to eat at the delicious food trucks in Downtown Tucson.  Did you know that Tucson is a world-renowned culinary hot-spot?  Just ask Unesco!

But I digress… It’s a good idea to have something in your stomach before a night of dancing and cocktails.

The music starts pumping shortly after 5 pm, so after dinner, you’ll want to get inside to the bar to grab that complimentary drink ($7 not only gets you in the door but also buys your first cocktail).  We’ll be treated to the musical stylings of DJ Husband, an incredible music producer and performer.

Check out this video to get an idea of his work.

G3 Pride Party 2018: Drag Showcase – Hosted by Justin Deeper and Lady Ashley

The pinnacle of the evening will occur when Justin Deeper and Lady Ashley, our 2018 Mr and Miss Tucson Pride, host a scintillating drag showcase featuring Lucinda Holliday, Ajia Simone, Miss Nature, and Auriel Summers.  These incredible performers will give you a sneak preview of what you’ll get at the big show, Tucson Pride 2018!

G3 Pride Party 2018: There’s Even More!

There is actually too much to list.  Be sure to head over to the official site to see if there is anything important that I missed.  I’m too busy getting ready for the party!

See you there! 😛

Have a great day!

Tony Ray 🙂

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