Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

I just have to share the newest binge-worthy series from Netflix, Schitt’s Creek.  Just like Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, I think you’re gonna love this great show.  It’s a hilarious comedy featuring the husband (Eugene Levy) and wife (expertly played by Catherine O’Hara) from Best in Show.

Schitt’s Creek is a riches-to-rags tale of a family who lost everything and their plan to get it all back.  The show explores everything from sexuality to gender relations, all with a wink and a smile.

Let’s dive into why you are gonna love this new-ish  Netflix series, Schitt’s Creek!

Schitt's Creek
Schitts Creek – Meet The Family

Schitt’s Creek: Everything Falls to Schitt

When a greedy accountant absconds with all of the Rose family wealth, they have no other choice than to regroup in their final remaining asset, the aptly named Schitt’s Creek.

Named after town mayor Roland Schitt (Chris Elliot), Johnny Rose actually purchased the town as somewhat of a joke, only to find it as the families last refuge.

They begin their campaign of conquest from this humble squalor.

Schitt’s Creek: David is the Schitt!

Schitt's Creek
David is the Schitt!

My favorite character, and the reason I stay up so late watching, is to follow David’s character through his trials and tribulations.

Played by Dan Levy, David is pansexual and likes people.  All people.  Basically, he’ll hump anything, and hilarity ensues as he attempts, often in vain, to share from his vast reservoir of love.

Through David’s character, the show is able to examine complex societal issues like sexual norms and the societal pressure of gender conformity.

The writers offer a touching perspective on these hot-button issues, often distilling complicated situations to touching anecdotes.

Schitt’s Creek: Why You Will Love This Schitt!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself 😎 You’re gonna love this show because of the witty, high-brow humor interlaced with the refreshing views on human sexuality.  You’ll experience the up’s and down’s of country living and the glorious machinations of it’s escape.

Above all else, you’ll have a great laugh.

Have a great day!

Tony Ray 🙂