NYPD Finally Apologizes for Stonewall

NYPD Finally Apologizes for Stonewall
NYPD Finally Apologizes for Stonewall

Some 50 years after the infamous police-led attacks on the Stonewall and the subsequent Stonewall Uprising, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has finally apologized for it’s disgraceful actions. In very simple language, New York’s police commissioner James P. O’Neill acknowledged that

“…what happened should not have happened. The actions taken by the N.Y.P.D. were wrong, plain and simple.”

Gay Pride History
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Why Did the NYPD Raid Stonewall in the First Place?

Ostensibly, the New York Police Department was there to enforce liquor laws. This was only a pretext and was used to cover the systemic harassment. The patrons whom were thrown on the street that night had enough, and what follows is the Stonewall Uprising, a seminal moment in attaining the freedoms and rights that we cherish today. We talked all about Gay Pride History and the Stonewall in the lead up to Gay Pride Month.

What Took So Long for the NYPD to Apologize for Raiding the Stonewall?

Like most things discriminatory, it comes down to Pride and Prejudice (not the novel or movie, both of which are fantastic). While the NYPD has apologized for other incidents, it’s lack of accountability for this glaring overstep of authority was a stain on the department. They were too proud to acknowledge their prejudice and learn from it. Lets hope this apology is another step along the path of enlightenment and police and authority figures everywhere take a moment to think about how they exert power in our communities.

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