Preaching Hate on Campus

In one of my last blogs, I wrote about a very aggressive form of expression.  I’ve thought a lot about it this week till I stumbled into a preacher at school.

Here I am, whoever I am, standing in the midst of angry adults.

Let me set the scene.  So, you’ve got the main guy with a big cross screaming and going on about how homosexuals are going to hell.  (I’m sure you know where I was thinking I should tell him to go…)

Then, there are a few people listening intently to each word coming out of his mouth.  But behind them is a mob of people who were aggravating the situation by mocking the preacher.  I would have been in that crowd, fighting back.  Till I noticed the po po standing against a tree in the corner.  Just waiting to break up a fight.

How juvenile of a situation?  So, I watched from a distance.  And thankfully, from where I was standing, I could see a line of women dressed with plastic poles outstretched with white cloth, blocking main traffic from the screaming.  In silence.  They sure looked like angels to me.

I just smiled because they were using their voices in an unselfish and nonjudgmental manner.  I empower you to check out LGBTQ Affairs at the University of Arizona.

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