Reveille Men’s Chorus Shines in Voices Like Ours

Voices Like Ours Concert - Reveille Men's Chorus
Voices Like Ours Concert - Reveille Men's Chorus

The fantastic fellows at Reveille Men’s Chorus have been treating Tucsonans to incredible performances for over 20 years.  With captivating shows like “Raising Voices” and the inimitable “Rev It Up”, Reveille has proven to be a dynamic force in our community.  Join them as they review iconic ballads in “Voices Like Ours!”

Who Are Reveille Men’s Chorus?

As always, I prefer to let people speak for themselves.  Enjoy this quick introduction to Reveille Men’s Chorus and some of the great things they do in our Tucson Gay Community.

Fascinating, I know…  You can learn even more about them by visiting the Reveille Men’s Chorus page on GayTucson!  Then, once you know a little about them, the best way to be introduced is to come to their next incredible event, which happens to be “Voices Like Ours”.

What Can I Expect at Voices Like Ours?

Like every Reveille production, you can expect a polished, professional performance from quality musicians covering a range of classic and contemporary musical standards.  The artistic team from Reveille takes the task of crafting a fantastic atmosphere seriously, from the great stage design to the colorful costumes.  It’s almost magical how they can emulate a large-scale Broadway production in little ole’ Tucson.

The other aspect of Reveille, and the part that I find truly captivating, is their ability to intertwine current events and aspects of our society into their performances.  Reveille Men’s Chorus are more than just entertainers.  They also place spotlights on artifacts of our culture, sometimes making us fall in love and sometimes making us uncomfortable.

In this performance, “Voices Like Ours”, Reveille will discuss issues around parenthood and aging.  They will also take on the hot-button issue of immigration, which is an especially emotional topic.  Other subjects will be examined, but you’ll have to catch the performance to see for yourself!

Have a Wonderful Time at the Show!

Learn more about this incredible event at the GayTucson Calendar: Reveille Men’s Chorus Voices Like Ours Concert

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