Saguaro Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Saguaro Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Saguaro Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
8302 E Broadway Blvd, 85710
Office Number: (520) 296-5901
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Instagram: SaguaroChristianChurch

Rev. Owen Chandler: Senior Minister

Rev. Kelley Dick: Associate Minister

The invitation to God’s love is unconditional. Saguaro Christian Church’s invitation to you embodies the same. They try to make it easy. Regardless of race, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of politics, regardless of age, regardless of ability, you are welcomed here. Period. It is not perfect, but it is earnest and it is faithful. This guides their worship, their work in the community and world, and their commitment to a creative, inter-generational church. This is the Saguaro experience.  

Like the saguaro cactus standing tall in the Arizona desert, Saguaro Christian Church strives to be a tower of strength and love to fulfill God’s vision for the world so that all are included and share fully in the life and ministry of the family of God.

The amazing people at Saguaro Christian Church have been entrusted to be the hands and feet of God and graciously care for the earth, its people, and its resources practicing compassionate sharing so there will be enough for all.

They deliberately create spaces of peace and solace for anyone seeking shelter and refuge from the heat and pressures of the outside world. To achieve personal growth and wholeness, they offer rest, nourishment, and spiritual renewal for the mind, body, and soul.

Saguaro Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Saguaro Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Celebrating the differences of all God’s children, Saguaro Christian Church believes that each person is blessed with gifts and talents that can be used to create a ripple effect radiating outward from this church to touch all people in all places.

As Disciples of Christ, they act to humbly serve others while meeting each person with dignity and respect wherever they might be on their faith journey. With renewed focus, they move forward so that all may live and thrive in an atmosphere of peace and civility – even in situations where there might be disagreement or alternative viewpoints. Standing for justice in all things, they honor Jesus’ radical call to love even our enemies.

All are welcome here.

Saguaro Christian Church offers 3 opportunities each Sunday to worship with them. Each service includes music, sermon, prayer and communion. Each service is different.  

Saguaro Christian Church Services
Saguaro Christian Church Services

8am: Chapel Service

This is a simple, small service located in the church’s chapel. There is very little formality to it other than the participation in Communion. The service is shorter to help caretakers or individuals and families with packed schedules.

9am: Palo Verde Service

This is an innovative service built on participation and prayer. Each week is different. The music is modern even when they play ancient songs. They use video and art as we explore the new and the old. There are prayer stations which seek to engage your mind, body and spirit as you build community together.

11am: Traditional Service

Sometimes a name says it all. This is a traditionally styled service. There are hymns, a beautiful choir and an organ, a bit more formal but still casual.