The Beat Goes On(line) – Listen To REVERB and Help Out Today

Breaking out of the monotony of our social distancing reality can be difficult, but thankfully our friends at Reveille Men’s Chorus are here to help! REVERB, a small ensemble derived from Reveille’s main choir, has produced a delightful redition of Bittersweet Tango. Enjoy the video and keep reading to learn how you can support wonderful performances just like this!

REVERB - Reveille Men's Chorus Ensemble
REVERB – Reveille Men’s Chorus Ensemble


REVERB is a fantastic ensemble group consisting of Michael Webb, Andrew Campbell, J Baker, Mark Makboulian, Dennis Sipf, Mark Schaye, Scott Schoen, Rich Miller, and Paul Miller (in order of appearance). They have been working together and tele-conferencing for some time and decided to share their unique gifts with the entire world.

You’re gonna fall in love with their rendition of Bittersweet Tango (with permission by Eric Lane Barnes), but the show isn’t over when the music ends. Reveille Men’s Chorus depends on ticket sales from their large shows to cover their operating expenses. Unfortunately, with the postponement of the Spring Spectacular and all other fundraising events, they need your generosity now more than ever!

How Can I Help Reveille Men’s Chorus?

Donations are always welcome but are difficult to come by right now. In leiu of this situation, the best way you can help Reveille Men’s Chorus is to purchase Jim Click Millions for Tucson raffle tickets. Purchase your raffle tickets through and all proceeds go directly to Revielle!

Another great option is to support REVERB and Revielle through the Amazon Smiles program. The next time you decide to buy something through Amazon, shop instead at It’s owned by the same company and all of your data is just as secure, the only difference is you can direct Amazon to send a portion of your purchase to a wonderful organization of your choice. Simply designate Reveille as your chosen charity and you will be supporting us by doing what you love, buying cool things on Amazon!