The Faces of Tucson is Here.

LOGO the Faces of Tucson
LOGO the Faces of Tucson

While it’s true that many people come to Tucson for many different reasons, there is one main reason that we hear over and over… the People. It is the people of Tucson that make this the kind and welcoming place that it is. The Faces of Tucson highlights those people in our community, that make me proud to be involved and call Tucson my home. It’s the Faces of those people that I want to talk to you about today!

Faces of Tucson

You might have seen a lot of media referring to a new project called “Faces of Tucson,” but what is it? “The Faces Of Project”, launched in 2019, connected many faces with many other places. When you move to a new town, you are not only moving to a location, but also a community. As REALTORS®, we do a great job of informing you about the location, but it has always been difficult to properly convey the community.

The Faces of Tucson gives us a chance to change that dynamic by featuring real people in Tucson telling their own stories. You get to read as they describe their goals, fears, favorite places, and what they love about Tucson. It is the perfect platform, for explaining the best that Tucson has to offer.

Beyond The People, The Sunsets Are Another Reason Why We Love Tucson
Beyond The People, The Sunsets Are Another Reason Why We Love Tucson

How Can I Be A Face of Tucson?

I encourage you to nominate any worthy community member by visiting the nomination page of Faces of Tucson. There are many different categories to help sort everyones stories and your nominee will be able to choose their role (or multiple roles) within our community. As soon as you nominate someone, a link will be emailed to the nominee, to complete the online interview. They will use this form to describe themselves and and answer some fun questions. The interview will be screened and then it will be added to the website!

Who do you know that we should know? It’s never been easier to recognize those amazing people in our community. Nominate your favorite Tucsonans today and check back regularly to see the newest Faces of Tucson!

Have a fun day,
Tony Ray 😎