When is G3 Coming Back to Tucson?

When is G3 Coming Back to Tucson?
When is G3 Coming Back to Tucson?

2020 was a rough year for most of us. But, that’s all in the past now and the renewed focus on vaccination might make for a wonderful second half of 2021! We’ve all be trapped inside social distancing for so long that it’s hard to imagine anything else. Thankfully, Pete King and the brain-trust of G3 Tucson are already back at work planning for the return of our most popular monthly event. Tucson’s Gay Happy Hour. So when is G3 coming back to Tucson?

When Can We Get Back to the Fun of Tucson's Gay Happy Hour
When Can We Get Back to the Fun of Tucson’s Gay Happy Hour

The Return of G3

Tucson’s Gay Happy Hour is gearing up to return to our wonderful community starting in May. This is, of course, dependent on a continuing downward trend in infections and even greater availability of vaccines. That means the future of G3 depends on us!

If we can keep the spread down by social distancing and using simple face coverings, we can be laughing together over delicious cocktails in extravagant locations again. If you sign up and get vaccinated when your chance arrives, you will help our community more quickly get back to enjoying each other at fantastic events.

Together, We Can Bring G3 Back to Tucson

In the spirit of resurrecting Tucson G3, I propose a 1-month call to action for our entire Gay Community. I want everyone to not only continue doing what you have been doing to stay safe, but I call for a redoubling of personal efforts to protect yourself and your community from the virus. If we can not only hold out but try even harder for one single month, I can already see a shining G3 on the horizon. We are almost there, now is the time to steel ourselves and create the glorious G3 future that we all hold in our hearts!

Have a fun day,
Tony Ray 😎