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The news 15 Vicki Carr joins us live this morning and Vicki you say changes could be on the way? Yes Wendy so right now I’m in the Menlo Park neighborhood and with big developments like caterpillar just down the street going up I’m told that the demand for houses like this one could increase.

If you’re looking to buy or sell listen up, i sat down with real estate agent Tony Ray Baker he says right at the gate be careful when getting pre-qualified online. Baker tells me there are scams that are going around now if it’s your first time buying a home really do your homework she says don’t miss out on any assistance options that you may qualify for.

If you’re looking to move, pay close attention to your equity! That’s because it could benefit you if you’re looking to move up and home now Baker says from now until August it’s all hands on deck. He says the housing market is on trend to be very similar to last year and the year before but other factors could bring changes down the line.

There’s a lot of major economic growth going on right now so with caterpillar and Amazon and Hexagon and those folks coming in, we could see a shortage in the higher priced homes. Tony Ray Baker tells me that the latest housing numbers were good and he expects that to continue for now.

Which homes are selling the most right now well? Tony Ray Baker tells me that the homes from the $200 to $300 thousand dollar range are the ones that are selling the most!

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