Don’t Feel Alone

Q.  I moved to Tucson 2 years ago with a good friend that recently past away. I find myself alone now and relize I have been hiding for 10 years from who I really am, a bi female. I am 45 and time is ticking away. I don’t know where to start to meet people like myself. I am kind of afraid I isolated myself for too long and don’t fit in anymore. Any advice?

A.  I’m, sorry about your friend and I know it must be hard, as you feel so all alone.  Unfortunately, the Tucson GLBT community is spread out and not in one place and now, because of the economy, a lot of the bars are closing or in trouble.  I always refer people to “Wingspan” and you can find their information on this web site. Go there and talk to them and I’m sure they can nelp you.  Get out and about.  You will never meet anyone staying at home and hiding.

Good luck,
Hugs, Mom