GLBT Artist in Tucson

Hi Mom,

I need your help. as part of a homework, I need to find some LGBTQ artists in Tucson to interview. I’m new in town and I’m not really amiliarized with the artistic world of the city. Could you recommend me some openly LGBTQ artists? Thanks!!

I love your web!!!

A Hi PJ,

Welcome to Tucson.  Isn’t the weather wonderful??

Well, my best guess would be to contact someone at Wingspan, SAAF, or Tihan.  At SAAF, ask for Waco and see if he can direct you.  Sometimes, I get zingers from you folks and I learn things, as I write, also.

Have you read all of Tony’s, Gay Tucson website??  There is wealth of information there and I would bet you could find your answer. Check out groups, clubs and activities.  Don’t be afraid to call a number and just ask the question you have.  I do it all the time.  You’d be surprised how much you find out.

Good luck and Happy holidays.