Coming Home – When Will Hey, King! Come Back to Tucson?

Coming Home - When Will Hey, King! Come Back to Tucson? GayTucson Interviews
Coming Home - When Will Hey, King! Come Back to Tucson? GayTucson Interviews


Tony Ray Baker Yeah. So, you’re from Tucson? You’re from you said, Colorado?

Natalie London Canada to California

Tony Ray Baker Canada to California? Okay. So any chance that Tucson gets to see you back someday?

Taylor Plecity Yeah, hundred percent were actually in talks right now for the Leo Rich Theatre, but I would rather play Club Congress.

Tony Ray Baker You’re probably to get a better space, you might want the Rialto Theater or you’ll get a bigger space over at the Foxx, they have bigger venue space then Club Congress. It’s a really tight small area, doesn’t hold a lot unless you get outdoor space…

Taylor Plecity it’s such like a surreal experience because I was in punk bands all throughout like my life in Tucson and we always played come from Congress. So like I think that that would fun!

Tony Ray Baker The stage outside is great. It’s, you know, Tucson nights are beautiful, be great to have you come back in and, and I hope you guys are going to call me and say, hey, we’re coming in and then, yeah, we will do whatever we can to help you. Of course, I love what you guys are doing. Yes. You’ll get to meet my partner Darren, and yeah. Anything we could do to help you. Is there anything else you would you want to? I’m going to share this all over. There are LGBT stuff on, you know, in Tucson Arizona, very proudly and what anything else you want to say or with your audience, should know because you have new fans every day coming in and finding out about you.

Taylor Plecity I love Tucson. How you were describing how your love for Tucson is how I like there’s no sunsets better than Tucson and every single time it rains here and Natalie is like, “whoa it’s pouring.” I’m like “it is not pouring. You have new, do not even know what a monsoon is. It is not pouring.”

Taylor Plecity I miss Tucson. I don’t know if like, there’s anything else I want to say, except for like, that’s my home.

Natalie London I mean, checking out the music videos would be great. That’s what we spent a lot of the Year. While we couldn’t play, We practically became a production company.

Tony Ray Baker That’s awesome. And I’m gonna agree on this, on my last remark. I’m totally agreeing with. We’ve traveled around the world and kawaii. Kawaii area has beautiful rainbow sunsets and it’s still after being there weeks, on weeks, on ends at different years, I still come back and say Tucson sunsets are mind-blowing. Yeah. And I’ve seen sunsets all over the world, that there’s just something weird about the Tucson sunsets. They look fake if you paint them

Taylor Plecity They look fake.

Taylor Plecity Like, there’s like, surreal colors that don’t exist anywhere else except Tucson.

Tony Ray Baker I had no idea who you are a few weeks ago. I’m totally confessing that I was so great that you’re a girl called reached out to me. And as soon as she did, I started before. I said yes I started checking you guys out and I was just I’ve been more impressed every time I see something, my God I love that you’re here. And you let me talk to you in that. We’re going to spread the love all around Tucson and which is apropos and it’s a great time to do that.

Natalie London Thank you so, very much

Tony Ray Baker got it. I think it’s good luck.

Natalie London Awesome.

Tony Ray Baker See you too soon. And again, I’m totally serious reach out to me and we’ll connect when you’re coming into town and I’ll help you guys with their whatever we can.

Natalie London Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you later.

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